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Alcossebre is, nowadays, one of the coziest places of the Costa de Azahar (castellon). In this point, the Coast of the Orange blossom recovers the harmonious virginity between the green and the blue Mediterranean sea, with their coves, beaches and pines.

Alcossebre was a small nucleus of Fishermen and farmers of cultivation of dry land until thanks to the enormous beauty of his beaches an important source of income was discovered in the tourism.

Famous person for his beaches and meeting point is coves Alcossebre for those who choose a calm place of holidays and of varied spaces to enjoy.

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Alcala de Xivert and its marine zone, Alcossebre, will surprise to him by their original full landscape of resistances, where level and the mountains alternate with beaches and rocky zones of the coast. Located to the northeast of the province of Castellón in the region of the Baix Maestrat, it has almost 5,000 inhabitants who distribute themselves between the own nucleus of Alcala, Capicob, Fuentes and last Alcossebre.Esta are nearest the Columbretes Islands and counts on ten kilometers of coast. Its situation, to the south of the Serra de Irta, provides a different, virgin and calm landscape to us. Alcossebre is the municipality where the tourist activity of the locality of Alcala de Xivert is developed, being the distance both enters municipalities of about 8 kilometers. Alcossebre is an important tourist enclave of the Coast of the Orange blossom, communicated well by highway, through the N-340 and a-7 freeway, as well as by railroad in the Valencia-Barcelona line and only to one hour of the airport of Valencia.

Its privileged geographic situation provides a Mediterranean climate typically to him, with warm summers and to invier to us smooth. Rains are little and the spring stations of and autumn are concentrated during. Sea and mountain predominate in the landscape; the proximity between both is first that hits to the level tourist when arriving at Alcossebre.Los and the mountains alternate with beaches and cliffs of the coast.

Alcossebre has its origins in century XIII, pertaining to the municipal term of Alcala de Xivert.En 1260 the repopulation of Alcossebre by order of the Master of the Order of the Temple.Hasta took place century XX the territories of Alcossebre were proprietor ligatures of Alcala, and was as of years 60 when in Alcossebre changed to the tourist development and the traditional dynamics of the place and its people.

Alcossebre offers to us more than 10 kilometers of beaches between which they emphasize the Beaches of Carregador, the Roman, the Moor, Fuentes or L'Estany.En a brief route of north to the south, we can find the rustic pennate places with roquero and of Archilaga and Pla de Roda, Cove Mundina and White Cala, this one last one with a small beach. It follows the roquero until the Sources where we found a peculiar beach with fresh water jets that end at the same sea and the important Sport Port “the Sources”. From here, a short stroll by the edge of the sea to the center of Alcossebre with its great beach of “the Shipper”. The Roquer Martí limits the beach of the Shipper with “the Roman” beach of great natural beauty and I am transparent waters.

They follow powerful roqueros between which the “Beach of the Moor” is placed, with its typical rock running aground in front of her and who gives name him. Towards the south, other small coves can be observed until arriving, past the camping of youths Jaime I to the “Beach of L´Estany”. From here, the cord of the typical coast of lagoons usually contains one narrow one and already releases beach in the dominions of the area of CAP i Corp, with its Hermitage of San Antonio and tower watch. As it can be seen, Alcossebre contributes an important tourist supply in the province of Castellón that mainly bets by the quality and the tranquillity. It is a tourist complex of urbanizations, familiar hotels and abundant vegetation that with beautiful beaches that they invite to the leisure and the rest.

The sport port of Alcossebre is located in the urbanization “the Sources” was inaugurated at the beginning of year 1985, has a approximate total surface of 65,000 meters square. In their interior 200 boats to dry port fit near 300 moored boats and. Account with all the services and necessary facilities of a sport port, commercial factories, centers, restaurants etc.

Besides sun and beaches in his surroundings there are other attractiveness like the hermitage of San Antonio, the castle of Xivert and the parochial church of Alcala, with his slim bell tower of more than 60 meters than it turns into the highest tower of the Valenciana.La Community chapel of the Virgin of the Abandoned ones, located in the street that receives the name of which she is votive, was constructed in 1705, rubblework and with door adintelada on which there is a bay and after a simple cornice. The hermitage of Santa Lucia and Sant Benet located in the Mountain range of Irta to 312 meters of height, dates from the XVII.Recientemente century has been recovered in its inner abovedamiento and paintings, as well as in the ceiling, accesses and new illumination, facilitating in this way its accessibility.